Spanish Language Software Reviews - Which Ones Are the Best Learning Tools?

A number of Spanish language software products are available to those who wish to learn the language outside a classroom setting. But which should you purchase?

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Below are some Spanish language software reviews that you might want to refer to before you make any purchase.

Rocket Spanish Program1. Spanish Byki Deluxe. For less than $75, this product is actually a bargain. It promises to teach you 2000 terms and around 500 phrases. It has tons of features all designed to promote quick and easy learning. But what we like most about it is its "personalized learning system" which looks at progress and identifies elements of the lesson that students find difficult. The product also offers a number of choices when it comes to learning channels; computer, mobile phone, MP3 player, iPod and even printable flashcards.

2. Berlitz Spanish Premier. This Nova Development product carries with it a number of useful features; including flashcard learning system, contextual dictionary, word logging feature and video and audio and text formats. One of the strengths of this software product is its speech recognition feature. It's a big help in terms of teaching students correct pronunciation and intonation. This feature also allows students to evaluate their pronunciation through comparison with native speakers' recorded voices. A wide selection of activities to test the student's word knowledge also helps in students' development.

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3. Kid Speak. Arguably the best software learning tool for kids, KidSpeak is laden with features that are appropriate for children aged five to 12. For around $50, parents can provide their kids with a tool that can help their Spanish learning efforts. The software product is designed to teach children correct pronunciation, word recognition, numbers, basic grammar like using singular and plural terms and a lot more. Terms for colors, animals, food, date and time and parts of the body are also taught in this program. The product is fun, easy and is appropriately tailored for children.

4. Individual Software's Deluxe version of Learn to Speak Spanish. As a learning tool for basic Spanish, this product is very effective indeed. The audio instructions are easy to follow and the word association technique is simple enough to make learning a walk in the park. Not a lot of high tech features in this one, but for less than $45, you get your money's worth.

A lot of Spanish language software products are available for reviews, but we believe that the four evaluated above can give you your money's worth. For our number one online Spanish learning program choice, read our review of Rocket Spanish