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What Is Shortcut to Spanish?

The Shortcut to Spanish program has been structured in such a way that students going through the material can learn to speak Spanish both fluently and naturally in the quickest time possible. If you have been having a hard time trying to learn Spanish, and need to polish up fast for business, travel or a pending exam, then Shortcut to Spanish program is going to definitely help you do this. The program itself offers to teach you Spanish in a timeframe of 31 days or less, making it a very efficient and fast learning program in the market. Lessons range from the basics such as greetings, right through to more complex phrases and sentences. The course makes use of interactive training to teach you these essential elements. You can read our full Shortcut to Spanish review below.

Does Shortcut to Spanish Really Work?

Yes, the Shortcut to Spanish training course does work. The more time you put into learning the training materials, the more you will get out of following Shortcut to Spanish. However, this doesn't mean you need to spend hours and hours each day going through the material. Shortcut to Spanish is laid out so you can learn the language quickly and don't have to spend tons of time each day working to see results. In fact, this program is a great choice for anyone that needs to learn Spanish, whilst leading a busy lifestyle.

Shortcut to Spanish works by putting the words used into a number of categories, so you can build up your knowledge of Spanish language in a series of progressive building blocks. The program also features 31 step-by-step audio tutorial lessons that provide you with a good working knowledge of how the words are used in Spanish. This makes it easy for you to start speaking to people in Spanish in mere days as oppose to months or years of dedicated study of the language. The program ensures you learn every step of the way with each part of the course being completed with you practising and speaking real Spanish sentences, with no fluff or filler exercises in there to slow your progress. This program excels in providing you with the real, everyday Spanish words, phrases and sentences that you need to engage with native Spanish speakers at a level they will understand and appreciate. 

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What Have Other Users Said?

The Shortcut to Spanish program has been successfully followed by many, many people all around the world. You are going to find the comments below particularly helpful if you would like to find out about the kind of experience you can expect as a result of using Shortcut to Spanish to learn the language. The comments are a small sample we have collated during the course of our research of real customers, and here is what they have to say about the program and what it can do for you if you want to learn to speak Spanish easily.  


“This is a program that uses etymology in for better learning. English and Spanish words that have the same Latin root words are recognized, and then you are taught how to modify it so it goes from English to Spanish.”

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“The words that you come up with are actual Spanish words that you will be able to use in everyday conversations. Other than this it also makes use of mnemonics to help you remember making things faster.”

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“…provides you with a quick and easy way to memorize usable Spanish words. If you're worried about using the words in a sentence Marcus also provides some patterns for that so you can also make use of those.”

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“Shortcut to Spanish steers away from traditional teaching methods that make use of a grammatical approach. Instead, it allows you to learn as many as 3013 Spanish words in just thirty one days.”

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When you order Shortcut to Spanish, you’ll get:


  • "Shortcut to Spanish" the Guide to Learning Spanish Fast
  • 31 Interactive Audio Lessons for Clear Spanish Speaking
  • Your Own Personal Spanish Coach - Simply Email For One-One
  • A Choice Between the Download and CD Audio and Printed Guide Delivered To Your Door.

The price for Shortcut to Spanish is only $29.95 to buy. There is also the opportunity to get the CD Audio + Printed Guide version for an extra $20 which is $49.95 ( plus shipping ). All of the material is digital download, so you get access to it immediately on your home computer when you purchase the program.  

Would You Recommend Shortcut to Spanish?

Learning to speak Spanish with Shortcut to Spanish is both easy and effective. It comes complete with a guide to learning Spanish fast and 31 interactive audio lessons to ensure you learn incrementally as you work through the course. Given the low price of the course it's nice to see email one-on-one support included as part of your purchase, making it a worthy choice for anyone that wants to learn Spanish word patterns in a short timeframe and engage with native speakers of this language.

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